• Performance driven. People oriented.

    People come first in our business. That means your customer, our employees and our clients.

  • Partnering for the long term

    The only way forward is one where our relationship is a mutually beneficial one. We work with you to improve your business objectives.

  • Obsessively analytical

    Predictive analytics, data modelling, data analysis. If it moves we’ll put a number to it.

Tailored Approach

Although we provide a host of outsource services, each service is uniquely tailored to your company’s needs and objectives. We therefore work closely with you long before the launch of any service.

Data Analytics

The big data revolution is taking the world by storm and some studies have shown that when a company’s operations are informed by data analytics, profits rise by 5%-10%.


Human Capital

If there is one thing we can say for certain, it is that Mango5 certainly has the best contact centre environment to work in. Not only will you find excellent, proven growth opportunities, but also a caring, fair and fun place to work.

Local Operations

With branches in Cape Town and Durban, we are well positioned and protected to look after your outsourcing requirements.

Mango5 is a South African based international contact centre. We provide an outsourced solution to some of South Africa’s most prestigious companies and international clients and have over 9 years of international and domestic inbound and outbound contact centre experience. With branches in Cape Town and Durban, we are well positioned and protected to look after your outsourcing requirements.


  • ISO27001
  • FSP No. 44689

Outsource Services

  • Outbound & Inbound Sales
  • Telemarketing Surveys
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Lead Generation
  • More..

Industry Experience

  • Mobile Telecommunications
  • Short term insurance
  • Long term insurance
  • Surveys
  • More..

Outsourced Call Centre Solutions

Comprehensive range of system, data and intelligence based human interaction services.

Managed Staff
Data Tools
Cloud Archives
Deep Learning

DeepLearning, we are able to leverage predictive analytics to take existing information and make predictions about unknown events.

Better Understanding Your Customer

Adrian M

Mango5 is a fantastic outsourced call center for our marketing campaigns back office. The ability to scale on demand and provide meaningful marketing analytics and data from call outreach is unparalleled in an industry where every conversion counts. Well done to the Mango5 Team

Adrian MMarketing Edge
Marc F

Why build a call center with data driven dialing and predictive customer management processes when you can just outsource it? The direct savings in management and staffing costs has been an immediate game changer for Dual Data and we only wish we outsourced to Mango5 from the outset.

Juan R

Closing the loop between marketing and business processing is vital to Trend. We are glad for the opportunity in partnering with Mango5 to service our customers in the United Kingdom. Our companies overall quality of service and volume of delivery has exponentially grown on a reduced cost of business.

Juan RPR Exec
Alan and Mike

Lead Generation by a new generation of call centre. Mango5 has been an innovator in leading the mind shift required to scale our business. 3 years ago we had never heard of business process outsourcing and now our business processes are completely outsourced! The overhead savings in human resources, technology and time enable us to focus on our core business model.

Alan and MikeComponent Sales
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