Built upon strong values, teamwork, commitment and performance, our culture is a strong competitive advantage.

Sian Jones

Sian Jones


One of the three founding members of Mango5

Sian started her career as a call centre agent in the UK more than 13 years ago. She quickly climbed the management ladder and decided to return to Cape Town South Africa to set up Mango5 with her business partners Gregor Schmitz and Eben Louw.

Sian has extensive Operational experience of business process outsourcing.

Some of the clients Sian has worked with are Cell C, Metropolitan, Auto and General, Liberty Life, Westminster, FL Memo, Timelife, O2, 3 Mobile and many large financial service organisations.

Eben Louw

Eben Louw


One of the three founding members of Mango5.

Eben started his career as a call centre agent in the UK more than 13 years ago. With his key focus on client satisfaction, Eben quickly worked his way through the corporate ranks due to hard work and determination. This “can do” attitude still persists and we can confidently say that due to his service delivery focus, Mango5 has had strong, long term relationships with all its Anchor clients.

Sheri Nair

Sheri Nair


Sheri joined Mango5 in 2011 and her career has been accelerated through service excellence.

Sheri, similar to most of the management executive team, started at the bottom and through hard work and directed aspiration achieved many of her career goals. Sheri is a member of the board on a number of Mango5’s sister companies and makes a very valuable contribution to the Group.

Sheri’s personal mantle:
“High PERFORMANCE, High RESULTS. Have PASSION for what you do. Have the BEST TEAM possible…and always HAVE A HEART”

Reinhardt Scholtz

Reinhardt Scholtz


Reinhardt started his career in the Contact Centre Industry more than 10 years ago. He entered the industry as a sales agent and has worked his way up the management ladder to his current position as COO of Mango5. He has vast knowledge and experience in various fields of the BPO industry and adds great value to our operations. He is responsible for making strategic decisions regarding the company together with the board of directors.

He provides leadership in all functional areas and at industry level to achieve sales, quality and delivery goals.

Hermanus V/D Merwe

Hermanus v/d Merwe


Like many of us here at Mango5, Hermanus has worked his way through the BPO ranks, beginning his career as an agent and has excelled through hard work, determination and commitment. He brings to our team a youthful driven dynamic. He contributes to the team through his career to date with experience in UK and Australian markets with proven performance in new acquisitions, customer service, correspondence, loyalty and lead generation.

He has worked in the following markets: Insurance, Utilities and Telecommunication.
Having previously worked with clients such as Coles Insurance (Australia), Talk Talk (UK) , Scottish Power (UK) and many more.