Case Study 1


Our Client is a large and well-established CV writing company with offices in the USA and services in the USA, European and Asian Markets.

The client started with outsourcing customer service functions to Mango5 in the form of WebChat, Email, Inbound & Outbound Calls.

A core function of the client’s business is its CV writing services in which Mango5 has also started assisting as an outsourced provider.

case study 01

The Business Problem

While the client is able to deliver an excellent service, the costs thereof in using American staff posed a problem.

Although American based staff possess good written and verbal communication skills, the cost per hour to the client made targeted pricing difficult.  Furthermore, American based staff which were willing to work outside of regular business hours to service European or Asian markets were not easy to find.

Outsourcing these services was a cost-efficient option but also presented its own set of challenges:  Firstly, as most of the client’s consumers were American and European professionals, a westernized cultural orientation was required by the outsourced partner.  Secondly, due to the nature of the work and its direct impact on customer satisfaction, the client needed to exercise a reasonable amount of control over the outsourced partner, making free lancers a difficult choice.

The client required an outsourced partner where: 1) The client could exercise control over the operation; 2) Costs were reasonable and within budget; 3) There was a culture-fit, so customers felt comfortable with the service delivery agent.

case study 01 02

The Solution

The client partnered with Mango5 to mirror its existing customer service tasks related to email, webchat and inbound calls.

Mango5 adopted the clients CRM and SLA’s to ensure that customer service remained undifferentiated amongst internal and outsourced servicing.

Because of Mango5’s location (Cape Town, South Africa), there was a strong culture-fit, with staff understanding a Westernized and European culture.  Furthermore, first language English staff are prevalent in Cape Town and accents are relatively neutral, meaning that there was no negative impact on customer interactions.

The client and Mango5 diffused and shared knowledge by means of regular meetings, training sessions, and live reporting.

In this manner, Mango5 was able to replicate the client’s own internal customer service operations while the client exercised control over Mango5’s outsourced service.

The Results

By being able to service clients at the same level as internal operations while reducing cost per hour, the client could scale their operations and benefit from lowered costs.

Furthermore, the ability of Mango5 to find competent staff who were willing to work unconventional hours, made it possible for the client to service customers during times where it had previously been problematic or expensive.

As an added benefit to the client, the client has been able to entrust Mango5 with greater integration into its value chain.  Meaning that Mango5 has started taking on outsourced services requiring greater skill sets and more complex work.  The scope of work has thus evolved beyond only servicing customer enquiries to also include delivering service solutions to customers.

As the relationship continues, Mango5 and the client continue to explore more functions which can be outsourced to reduce costs without compromising quality of work.

  • 22nd Jun 2020