Industries Served

Industries Served

- Mango 5 Contact Centre Services and Industries

Mango5 has always maintained a well-diversified portfolio of clients. Thus, over more than 14 years, we have served clients in a wide variety of industries ranging from finance, cellular, medical, telematics, education, and many more. This diversified experience has allowed us to take learnings from multiple disciplines to achieve superior results for our clients.

- Insurance

Mango5 (Trading as Quality Quote) is a registered financial services provider in South Africa. Mango5 has two registered financial service provider (FSP) licenses (FSP 44689 & FSP 47542).

As one of the larger broker houses in South Africa, we are currently providing the following services within the short-term insurance (Vehicle/Auto & Home) space:

  • Quoting
  • Underwriting / Binding
  • Policy Administration
  • Customer Retentions
  • Customer Support
  • On-sell, Value added products

With over a decade of cold calling experience in the insurance sector, we utilise our skills to ensure we shorten learning curves and ramp up to achieve higher sales outputs in shorter time frames. We custom-build scripts and objection handling material, and focus strongly on selling the product benefits – matching it specifically to the specific customer’s needs.  Our agents are also trained to sell multiple policies on one call and to bring those policies under one umbrella.

bpo outsourcing

- Telematics

Having worked closely with a number of leading Telematics companies in South Africa, we’ve become experts at acquiring new customers for our clients while promoting their brand.

Vehicle tracking devices are applicable to certain demographics; for this reason, we’ve leveraged our data modelling capabilities to target customers who not only have a higher propensity to buy but also a higher propensity to stay long-term customers.

- Cellular

We’ve worked with some of the leading cellular companies in the world. Because cellular is so ubiquitous, mining and modelling of data becomes integral in the successful performance of being able to acquire new customers and retain existing customers.

We’ve worked closely with our clients in this regard to provide them with data intelligence which assists in their product development offering and package benefits. Co-operative relationships like these create a Win-Win relationship for us and our clients.

Cellular Phone

- Education

At Mango 5 we provide dedicated BPO services, 7-days a week, operating in USA time zones for our USA client. We handle inbound and outbound calls, capturing of information and live transferring to their team in the USA. We work as a captive centre for this client who has a hands-on approach in the running of the business unit and service offerings.

Our Client in the USA specialises in lead generation in different verticals.

Services Provided:

  • Holistic captive call centre service. Business unit management
  • Inbound calls
  • Outbound calls
  • Live Transferring
  • Quality Control

- Medical

Our client utilizes our dedicated BPO outsourcing infrastructure which houses their team of qualified medical specialists who screen consumers within the medical trial sector by using broad education campaigns to highlight clinical trial benefits and then following up with telephone-based pre-screening, they deliver qualified referrals that traditional, study-specific methods miss.

Their team of specialists are specifically recruited to ensure neutral accents which is a campaign requirement in the USA. We operate within USA time zones, and we currently operate 5 days a week with the future potential of running 7 days a week.

We offer the following services

  • Holistic captive call centre service. Business unit management
  • Inbound calls
  • Outbound calls
  • Live Transferring
  • Quality Control
  • Specialised recruitment, within the medical sector, such as registered nurses

- Energy/Utilities

We worked with an Energy and Utility company in the UK swopping their current energy provider in order to save them money. As this was an outbound cold calling campaign we worked closely with the client to ensure we recruited top sales agents with neutral accents to ensure the campaigns success. We worked closely with the client developing objection handling material, scripting and the sales training content. We have over 10 years experience collectively working within the UK itself and running campaigns for UK clients from our South African based call centre giving us the advantage of understanding the UK culture and varying accents.

  • Data provision
  • Cold calling
  • Sales
  • Specialized recruitment

- Mortgage/Finance

At Mango5 we provide lead generation campaigns into the various sectors including mortgage and home finance. We work with our clients to specifically adapt scripts to their needs to gain optimal optins. We provide a dedicated service working within the UK and USA time zones operating 7 days a week. We specialize in outbound cold calling lead generation campaigns and work closely with the client to ensure we meet and exceed their relevant KPI and campaign deliverables.

Services provided

  • Survey
  • Inbound / Outbound calls
  • Opt In
  • Live Transfer
  • Quality Control