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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is the outsourcing of certain business activities to a third party. Certain activities such as customer service, sales and other routine work that requires a large workforce can often be done at a high quality and low cost when outsourced compared to internalising such functions. Outsourcing companies in South Africa have many benefits to offer.

Get in touch with us at Mango5 to see if your business has functions which might benefit from being outsourced.

- Customer Service

BPO Call Center

At Mango5 we use state of the art tools to track, report and enhance the overall customer experience.

We pride ourselves in exceeding our client expectations while providing real insight into their customer base.

Our in-house training department allows us to develop onboarding as well as ongoing training on our clients behalf, ensuring that our staff are qualified and able to provide the best possible customer experience.

We provide customer service 7 days a week through phone, email and web chat while adhering to strict quality and compliance guidelines.

- Web/Live Chat

Web chat is a very effective tool to meet your customer’s needs in real time. Increase your conversion or customer satisfaction by integrating this function in your website. Mango5 has a proven track record of exceeding client SLA’s.

Web Chat
Email Support

- Email Support

Bridging the gap between automated and personalized support via email. We give your clients the peace of mind knowing they are communicating with a human being that cares. We use workflow tools to maximize efficiency and ensure SLA’s are met.

- Warm Calling

Whether you want to gauge customer experience or introduce your customer to a new product, Mango5 can assist in the delivery of this service. By applying consumer lifetime models through our extensive analytical capabilities, we can assist you to reach your client at the right time with a new  service or product offering.

- New Customer Acquisition

Mango5 has extensive experience in new customer acquisition both internationally and locally. We use our own developed sales techniques and methodology, along with our in-house analytical capabilities to get the highest conversion possible on leads provided. We pride ourselves not only on acquisition of new customers, but the quality of the conversation with them. We use quality assurance software and management to ensure that your brand is protected, opportunity areas are identified and leads closed within your business rules.

New Customer Acquisition
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- Predictive Analytics

Our use of analytics generates valuable business outcomes for clients in three ways. All businesses should aim for the same results with their outsourcing providers:

  • Improve operational engines: We provide clients a single source of high-quality, consistently-recorded data on performance of various functions.
  • Uncover hidden insights: We generate additional insights by tracking data across different parts of the organization, and use it to optimize outcomes or to balance competing objectives.
  • Innovate to drive top-line growth: We help clients manage data—from the front office, back office or both—to generate process innovations, improve time-to-market and increase revenue.