Mango5 is a fantastic outsourced call center for our marketing campaigns back office. The ability to scale on demand and provide meaningful marketing analytics and data from call outreach is unparalleled in an industry where every conversion counts. Well done to the Mango5 Team.
Alan and Mike

Lead Generation by a new generation of call centre. Mango5 has been an innovator in leading the mind shift required to scale our business. 3 years ago we had never heard of business process outsourcing and now our business processes are completely outsourced! The overhead savings in human resources, technology and time enable us to focus on our core business model.
Juan R

Closing the loop between marketing and business processing is vital to Trend. We are glad for the opportunity in partnering with Mango5 to service our customers in the United Kingdom. Our companies overall quality of service and volume of delivery has exponentially grown on a reduced cost of business.
Marc F

Why build a call center with data driven dialing and predictive customer management processes when you can just outsource it? The direct savings in management and staffing costs has been an immediate game changer for Dual Data and we only wish we outsourced to Mango5 from the outset.

Whether you’re just getting started or running a full-blown contact centre operation Mango5 will make your turn your contact centre business intelligence into a well-oiled machine.
Amit C

Understanding what is actually happening on the coal face of mass customer contacts, then reacting to changes is key to our businesses profitability. Mango5 delivers a leading solution in our business analytics data.
Anna V

How to get campaigns off the ground effectively and report back meaningful information. Mango5

Simple streamlined, understandable data. Just the way we like it.
Robert W